St. George Chadux Corp.

Energy Consulting Management Services

DUNS 80‐1622452 | CAGE 1Q3X4
Primary NAICS: 541620 | Secondary NAICS: 541330
St. George Chadux Corporation is a subsidiary of the St. George Tanaq Corporaionon and a small disadvantaged business founded in 1992, specializing in energy and environmental consultinng (NAICS 541620). Chadux’s professional certified staff provide innovative and balanced energy and environmental solutions.

Technology at work for you

St. George Chadux Corporation is a small, Alaskan‐native owned ̂ business that offers energy consulting and energy efficiency management services. As a small but competitive business, we offer creative solutions that are designed to save time and money and satisfy regulatory requirements. Chadux is good at building expert teams to respond to our clients’ needs. Chadux is your small business partner for energy consulting services.

St. George Chadux Corporation was formed in 1992 and Chadux is a wholly owned subsidiary of St. George Tanaq Corporation, an Alaskan Native Village Corporation founded in 1971 pursuant to the Alaskan Native Claims Settlement Act.

Our corporate office is located in Anchorage Alaska, with a satellite office in San Diego, California.


St. George Chadux Corp provides energy consulting and energy efficiency management services, from initial project screening through design, implementation, and follow‐up reporting, as required. Each service is available independently or as a comprehensive and staged process. Because we are small and understand the value of your dollar, we strive to negotiate reasonable scopes of work that add value.

Contact St. George Chadux Corporation

Mr. Phillip S. Rosenberg, PG, CEG, CHg,
General Manager. Mr. Rosenberg
San Diego, California Office Tel.: 760‐822‐7231

Ebergy Consulting Services

Chadux provides Resource Efficiency Manager (REM) and environmental services to the federal government. Our time‐tested management approach ensures responsiveness and the delivery of quality REM services as exemplified through our current JV contract for REM Services to U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville and through a team prime/sub contract for REM Services to the U.S. Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM).

Chadux is committed to providing our clients with specialized services to meet their exact needs from some of the most knowledgeable resources in the energy management industry. Our goal is to help our clients develop, implement, and maintain sound energy conservation programs that generate an ongoing return on investment.

Our collaborative focus has been on REM services.

Chadux REM Expertise

• REM support services to multiple federal agencies
• Current holder of National REM Services contract for the Army, Huntsville and for Army, IMCOM
• Developed projects to save more than $60 million in documented savings
• Comprehensive audit services – completed audits for more than 60 million square feet this year
• Retro‐ and re‐commissioning services



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