The jewel of Alaska’s mythical Pribilof Islands, St. George Island, home of approximately 160 Aleuts, and most remote of the Pribilof Islands, is known throughout the world for its wonderful wildlife viewing opportunities. Few places in the world can match the haunting beauty and spectacular, abundant wildlife, which makes it one of the world’s natural wonders.

Over one million Northern fur seals congregate on the shores


For those wishing to visit the Pribilofs, a unique experience awaits you on St. George Island. Few places in the worldcan match the haunting beauty and unusual, abundant wildlife of tiny St. George.

The Pribilof Islands of Alaska are known throughout theworld for their vast fur seal population, numbering well over a million, and the myriads of seabirds that migrate to the islands each summer. Indeed, because of the great abundance of wildlife found on the islands, naturalists and birders often compare the Pribilofs to their counterpart in the southern hemisphere – The Galapagos Islands.

Located in the quiet seclusion of the Bering Sea, St. George remains in a natural, undisturbed state. Due to its past inaccessibility, few people have ever been to St. George Island; however, the island is now surprisingly easy to visit. You can travel by scheduled prop-jet and commuter airline from Anchorage, a trip of some 800 miles over the Aleutian Islands and the Bering Sea.

Upon arrival at St. George, you will find a volcanic island bordered by precipitous cliffs, the highest of which rises well over a thousand feet from the rocky shoreline below; the village of St. George, just lightly touched by the twentieth century; a native people, the Aleut/Russian history; lush fields of treeless tundra covered in summer with a multitude of wildflowers; and an exotic array of wildlife–tens of thousands of northern fur seals clamoring on the beaches.

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